2009 – Ecological Masterplan for Vogelenzang


Vogelenzang masterplan forms a key project in the ambitious plan to connect the National Parks Hoge Veluwe and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug by opening a passage for deer along the banks of the Nederrijn. Considering the high ecological value of the lake, and the steeply forested slopes, only one third of the location will be used for housing. The existing flora and fauna of the remaining land has been maintained to accommodate the deer population.

Two important goals formed the basis for the design of the new housing development. Firstly the design had to reintegrate the two excavated plateaus of the site into the gently sloping landscape, reconnecting the area with its environment. The second goal was to enhance the views of the Nederrijn, lake and hills, thereby increasing the development’s appeal.


Story by Björn Bleumink