1974 – Halifax Building Society HQ


We were commissioned to design the head office for the Halifax Building Society in 1968, and it was opened by the Queen in 1974. Its completion aroused considerable comment and interest from the press both locally and nationally, resulting in a scholarly approval from the Architectural Review, and the BBC’s ‘Spirit of the Age’ which cited it as an outstanding example of sophisticated modern design. The building has become part of the society’s corporate identity, and it continues to respond to the evolution of the workplace. We have gone back twice, in 1994 and again in 2000, to refurbish the offices to accommodate changes in working methods and technology.

In 2013, the Halifax Building was listed at Grade II by Heritage Minister Ed Vaizey, for its bold and clever design. This was the first time a building designed by the practice achieved this status, which marks and celebrates a building for its special architectural and historic interest.

The English Heritage report concludes that the Halifax Building is a remarkable office building; its striking design arises out of the particular innovations in its structure and planning. It fully deserves designation in the national context.


Story by Chris Langston