1982 – Acoustics group established in Manchester studio


The Institute of Acoustics was in its infancy (formed 1974) when our acoustic team was created in 1982 in response to a rebuilding project following a serious fire in Bolton’s listed Town Hall. The organ recital hall was rebuilt as two halls – the intimate Festival Hall on the lower level and a new, acoustically improved, Albert Hall.

Much has changed in the last 40 years, but perhaps none more so than the tools we use in acoustic design. At one time, sound level meters weighed 5kgs and measured a single parameter, whilst today’s lightweight units measure thousands of data points a second.

We have also progressed from longhand calculations into 3D computer modelling – all of which result in a more accurate and efficient design, helping to realise project aspirations.


Story by Duncan Templeton

Anechoic Chamber at Salford University
Brüel & Kjær type 2203 sound level
External noise calculation extract from ‘Detailing for Acoustics’
Current 3D modelling of environmental noise