1972 – First major retail project completes


The first two phases of Blackburn Town Centre completed, consisting of a service area, shops, roof level and multi-storey car park, a 15 storey office building, a nightclub and large department stores. The concrete frame structure is clad entirely with glazed tiles, white for horizontal and brown for the vertical structural elements. This rigid theme unified the whole development and allowed flexibility for individual shops with the modular grid system. Phase I completed in 1969 and won a Civic Trust Award.

Our reputation for major town centre redevelopments is enhanced in 1978 with the completion of Swansea Quadrant Shopping Centre, and adjoining store for Debenhams, both of which open in time for Christmas, together with a major bus interchange.


Story by Joaquin Monge

Blackburn Town Centre
Swansea Quadrant Shopping Centre